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Asset Management

Today we will be presenting to a client on the process and importance of asset management. From identifying your assets, determining whether they are needed, realising your data deficit, assessing condition through to planned maintenance and replacement.

To many people this can be a shocking process. Do you manage a site or number of sites? Answer this one: how many signs do you own, what is there expected useful life, how much do they cost to replace, who is controlling the repair and replacement programme, how many do you need to replace this year, oh and is there a budget for it?

I guess if we were talking company vehicles most or all of the above would be covered, but what about unadopted roads, sewers, pedestrian barriers, lighting installations, footbridges, doors, gates, footpaths, retention structures, etc. etc.

Failing to manage and budget for repair or replacement could put serious stress upon your business. Your competitors are taking this seriously, we are talking to them TODAY. Do you want us to discuss this with your team?

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