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Surviving Bank Holiday Car Journeys

Yipee it’s bank holiday!  Ah that means hours sitting in traffic jams.  So here are a few tips to make the journey a little less painful.

keep calm its bank holiday Surviving Bank Holiday Car Journeys
  1. Leave later, everyone seems to get a flyer straight from work, you’ll be tired, stressed, hungry and thirsty.  Take your time, have tea with the family have a rest then get on the road a little later, the roads will have cleared and it will be cooler.
  2. Prep the car for the journey, yeah the oil and water stuff, but also put some food and drink handy for the driver and the kids.  Pack pillows and blankets for the kids to make them comfortable in the back, books and games too.  Sort the music, stories, etc for the stereo.
  3.  Plan your route, pre-programme your destination into a sat nav, work out stops along the way and take a map in case there is a problem with the sat nav route.  Make sure your camp site, B&B or hotel knows you will be arriving later.  Going further afield? Tickets – Passport – Money!
  4. On long journeys take regular breaks, every 60 miles or 1 hour, do a quick driver change.  Swap over before you feel tired, that way you stay fresh – and safe – for longer.  If you are doing a long drive and feel sleepy open windows and loud radios don’t always work, more effective is a short nap, better to arrive alive.
  5. Have a day at home and a two day break, that way you only have to fight the traffic once.

And one final thought, stay at home and visit all the local attractions you have been meaning to visit for years.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend from all at Up and Under

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