Up and Under Group

Making Good Decisions

I spent yesterday sea kayaking off the coast of Anglesey.  I was acting as a mock student for a group of aspirant leaders.  As it was a training course there was a detailed, well thought out risk assessment.  We had been well briefed and knew what we had to do.

However it didn’t stop there. Throughout the day everyone in the group continued to make decisions based on the changing conditions and unfolding opportunities.  We communicated our varying states of fatigue and desires to try to squeeze through ever narrowing slots in the jagged rocks.
It all worked out well with all of the paddlers going home safely after an exciting day.  so, thank goodness for the risk assessment.  mmmmmmm, it probably goes deeper than that, the whole team had a good appreciation of the risks involved and the skills to deal with the conditions. The risk assessment can only ever provide a framework for a safe day, real safety relies on the right culture,  communication and people making good decisions.
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