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Inspection before the floods

A recent project highlights the benefits of regular inspection of structures. This inspection of the bridge over the River Wye in Monmouth took place just before the recent floods so that the local authority not only knew whether the bridge was performing satisfactorily, but also they have a bench mark which they can check back to to see if any damage has occurred during the recent bad weather.

4014 Wye Bridge Photo 1 663x497 Inspection before the floods Underneath the arches…..

During the works, which were carried out by our engineers using rope access techniques, the busy footways were kept open.  Vegetation was removed from the bridge in accordance with Environment Agency requirements, preventing contamination of the river.  The final job was to install crack gauges that will be used to monitor movement in the future.


4014 Wye Bridge Photo 2 497x663 Inspection before the floods This is hands-on, touching distance inspection 4014 Wye Bridge Photo 3 663x497 Inspection before the floods Accumulation of debris against the pier


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