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Legislation Update – Petrol

Or to be more accurate “The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014”

Can I still fill up my lawn mower or generator?

The good news is unless you are a petrol station, or other dispenser of petroleum, this probably doesn’t apply to you.  The following is taken from the HSE web site:

“The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 does not apply at workplaces that do not dispense petrol; dispensing petrol means the manual or electrical pumping of petrol from a storage tank into the fuel tank for an internal combustion engine or into a container, i.e. retail and non-retail petrol filling stations.

The regulations are not intended to bring in certification for workplaces that are not currently licensed. Therefore, workplaces such as golf courses, scrap metal/salvage yards, etc. would not routinely fall under the storage requirements of the regulations.  At those premises where there maybe dispensing of petrol into containers, such activity is considered ancillary and not of the scale intended to be covered by Part 2 of the regulations.

Your workplace continues to be covered by:

So looks like this one is pretty specialised.

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