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Directors Cribb

Ok we got you with the title, but you are not expecting country house splendour here are you? You are right.

Taking full advantage of the recent chilly weather Andy and Simon set out to dig themselves a mountain top retreat.

%name Directors Cribb

So the weather started off fine, but soon deteriorated.

%name Directors Cribb
But with a bit of shovel work (about 4 tonne) a home was excavated and the kettle put to good use.%name Directors Cribb
For those with a head for the figures the snowhole had two entrances, three rooms, two wardrobes. was 7m from front to back and had a maximum span of 2.5m. The snow was over a metre thick over the highest part of the cave. The temperature inside was a consistent zero degrees whilst outside it was horrible!%name Directors Cribb%name Directors Cribb

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