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What did the snow do for you?

So we are all back to normal, the ‘Arctic Freeze’ of early January is already fading from our memories. But if you are a structure owner of manager should you forget it happened or take some action? Freezing can have effects far beyond the obvious burst pipes. Consider the following and their effect upon your building function and your liabilities:

  • Loosening or spalling mosaics and slip bricks;
  • Loosening of copings;
  • Damage around windows;
  • Lifting and other damage to waterproofing;
  • Damage to porous materials cause them to fall on people below;
  • Damage to pointing in brickwork;
  • Excessive movement in structural joints and bearings.

If you need to carry out an inspection of your structure or have spotted a maintenance action call us to discuss how our specialist access methods can help keep the costs under control. And think on if you can’t afford major repairs to a building that is dropping pieces onto the ground below, temporary measures are available to help you manage your liabilities.

Job1374 What did the snow do for you?

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