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Safety Alert – IPV strike

IPVs struck by HGV vehicles

There have been two serious incidents involving IPVs recently.

On the A1 at Leeming Bar a 44 tonne articulated lorry collided with an IPV pre setting TM equipment for a closure to go into place.

At the time of the collision 2 men were working on the back of the IPV as it was being used as a “combination” vehicle (TM and IPV combined), one was thrown from the back of the vehicle onto the road surface and suffered severe head injuries. Despite receiving treatment in hospital the operative never regained consciousness and died of his injuries.

On the A14 near Godmanchester. A 44 tonne articulated lorry collided with the rear of an IPV sitting in front of a lane 1 taper whilst the lane closure was being removed. The lorry swerved at the last minute, clipping the rear RH corner of the IPV before colliding with the central barrier. The lorry then “bounced” back across the road entering the taper area in front of the IPV and ending up down the embankment. Luckily no TM crew members were seriously injured.

Martin Tonks, General Manager of Beaumont Traffic Management stated in an e-mail following these incidents

“Time and time again in my training courses around the country I detail the correct use for IPVs, the correct signage, and the correct positioning of arrows on the back. We work in a dangerous environment where we must take into account the public safety, yes and even make allowances for their stupidity. Any vehicle 16 feet tall and lit up like a Christmas Tree with lighting visible from up to a mile away surely can’t be vulnerable – these two incidents prove that that is not the case. Please ensure your operatives do not become complacent just because the IPV is in attendance, it doesn’t always provide 100% protection, nothing can replace good working practice and constantly looking out for danger.”

These two incidents serve as a reminder of the high risks associated with working in live traffic lanes and the need to remain vigilant at all times.

Picture2 Safety Alert   IPV strike
Although not associated with either of the above incidents the picture above shows what can happen when a large vehicle strikes an IPV. This incident occurred on a 50MPH road.

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Saferty Alert Issued by EnterpriseMouchel Alert 2010/16 7/7/10

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