Up and Under Group

Marketing Vacancy

We are seeking a talented individual with a proven track record in marketing leading to measurable sales results. We work nationally across a wide range of market sectors including local authorities, contractors, government agencies, consultants and private clients.
We would prefer a candidate with a variety of skills in this area including knowledge of:

  • Face to face negotiation
  • Online marketing
  • Exhibitions
  • Delivering CPD
  • Managing client data
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Relationship development

The position will attract a salary of £25-40k pa depending upon experience.  We would also consider a 48 week /pa contract with the 4 none worked weeks divided between Xmas and Easter.  Annual holiday is 28 days (or pro rata) and benefits from a pension sheme (currently 3% company contribution). Initial enquiry should be via our standard application form available at www.upandundergroup.com

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