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2010 oh! Continues with Snowballs

Send Your Snowball to the Arctic!

norden satellit2 2010 oh! Continues with Snowballs
The Route
In February 2011 the Up and Under Rally Team will be competing in the Arctic 4×4 Rally, the route covers 5000 challenging (carbon offset) kilometres to the very top of Arctic Norway. We would love to take all our friends and supporters with us, but sadly don’t have the space. You can however join us in spirit by giving us a snowball to take along – complete with your signature and message – and while doing so provide support to the Up and Under Foundation.

Presentation2 2010 oh! Continues with Snowballs
What it will look like

 How it works:
For a minimum donation of £5 we will take a 70mm diameter snowball with us in the car. You can write whatever you wish on your snowball (please keep it decent) and we will place all the snowballs in the car for the duration of the Rally. If you wish we will keep you informed of our progress throughout the event via our blog and the online tracking system. The Rally Team will be paying all of their own costs so that all money donated will go to the Up and Under Foundation.

To donate go to http://www.justgiving.com/upandunderfoundation

The Up and Under Foundation, a charity founded in 2007 by Cheshire business the Up and Under Group, aims to enhance the life experiences of local youngsters. It does this by making funds available to provide access to activities for people who would otherwise excluded for financial reasons.

If you want further information you will find it at:


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