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2010 Oh! – The results

Remember this?
2110+oh+logo 2010 Oh!   The results
Well after a year of effort by many members ofthe Up and Under team we are totalling up the results and they are impressive.
With some funds still to collect we have raised :
A big thank you needs to go out to all those who have cycled, baked, Wii’d, sold stuff and plain old given.  We have had support from clients, staff, friends and suppliers.
The target of £20,100 was considered optimistic by many (who didn’t know Up and Under) but the fact that we have smashed it indicates just what we can do.
The bulk of the the money will be invested and the money earned from the investments used to provide funds to help disadvantaged youngsters enjoy life enhancing experiences.
So 2011, what next?  We have a number of schemes and projects ongoing and will no doubt be repoporting on them throughout the year and if you have a spare fiverthat you want to add to the pot go to:
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