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24 Today!

Today we are celebrating 24 years of Up and Under.  Established in 1987, while Andy was carrying out sewer and manhole surveys in Southampton, it was spring 1988 before we did our first rope access inspection, on two tower blocks in Guildford.

OfficeUnderwoodLane 24 Today!
First desk in Underwood Lane
SotonSewerSurvey 24 Today!
Andy Perkins, now a mountain guide in Chamonix, Southampton 1987
1stExhibition 24 Today!
Our first exhibition

SnowdonMtnRwy+007 24 Today!
Up and Under One – On the Snowdon Mountain Railway
Set up to do jobs others couldn’t do safely the, then, new notepaper carried the promise ‘Above, Below, Through ………… Anything!’ and looking back over the last 24 years I think that has proved to be pretty close to the mark.

Battersea 24 Today!
Autumn 1988 – skint, huge debts then somebody
 crashed into Battersea Bridge, phew! The rest they say is history ;o)

Job1218+001 24 Today!
Years later, Simon’s first job and a step into the future.

Thanks to everyone who has made the past 24 years not only possible, but also fun.

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