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An Interesting Programme

For the most part current radio and TV output is background noise, but from time to time you hear something that you think is worth sharing.  As an organisation that believes in increasing peoples opportunities both within the company and in the wider society I found the programme below, ‘The Class Ceiling’, very interesting so thought i’d share it.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b014629m#synopsis This has a link to listen via the iplayer.

“Next on: Today (8th Sept), 21:30 on BBC Radio 4

In a major new two-part documentary series for BBC Radio 4, the journalist and author Polly Toynbee explores the ever-more-pressing question of how possible it is to move up through British society. Who gets to break the ‘class ceiling’?

Polly argues that, while deference is long gone, and some politicians have swapped ties and titles for first names and informality, Britain’s class system is still going strong.

In the first programme in the series, Polly examined how a child’s family life and education can block or boost their social progress. In this second programme, Polly asks what happens when young people enter the workplace and in the housing market. Do these rites of passage help break the class ceiling, or do they reinforce it?”

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