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Everyone Wins With Partners

Inspectors from Up and Under and Amey recently joined forces to successfully complete two Principal Inspections in Birmingham.

PB173011 900 Everyone Wins With Partners
No, not walking on air, but supported by tensioned webbing!

Access is one of the areas where we excel and these structures had their fair share of challenges including, motorways, rivers and even a canal. Up and Under team members brought their access experience to bear inspecting the sections where the Amey team’s conventional access methods were thwarted by vegetated embankments and adjacent structures; furthermore, the methods used allowed for daytime working without carriageway closures.

This is another in a long line of successful projects where we have combined forces with our clients to get the best result.

If you have worked with us you will know what we are talking about, if you would like to experience the cooperative can do approach of Up and Under give us a call on 01270 589615, Rob (inspection/testing), Miles (structure management) or Grant (difficult access maintenance) will be pleased to get involved.

PB180029 900 Everyone Wins With Partners
Cooperation – you get there and have a look, I’ll record it
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