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Making a video

When we came into work last Thursdaay we were unsure as to what would be expected of us.  We were going to be making a 3-5 minute video for the Cheshire High Sheriff’s Awards ceremony.  We have done a fair bit of TV news slots, but this did not prepare us for the 6 hours of filming required to get the dialogue and scenes finished for this professional quality piece.  It was a real ‘lights, camera, action’ event….. and they do shout ‘Action!’

IMG 1550 2780 Making a video
Andy gets a grilling
IMG 1554 2780 Making a video
Proper Hollywood, where’s the catering trailer?

The video will centre around Innovation at Up and Under from the early involvement in the introduction of rope access to the uk scene – yes we were in right at the start – to the adaptation of existing products and technologies to solving clients problems.

Rope access, especially its use on bridges, was part of the early years of the Up and Under Story.  At the outset rope access was focussed on high rise buildings and offshore structures.  It was the combination of engineering competence and access skills, then as well as today, that made Up and Under rope (and confined spaces) teams obvious choices for technical bridge inspection, testing and investigation projects.

After basic rope access we concentrated on the use of materials borrowed from other industries and successfully utilised in the asset management sphere.

Strengthened and adapted lighting trusses from the film and stage industries have been developed and used by Up and Under over the years to successfully complete a range of projects covering bridges, buildings and even cliff faces; taking trusses from rock and roll to stabilised rock!

The final part of the film concentrated on our capability to provided a variety of maintenance activities on structures over flat or slow moving water using sectional pontoons originally developed for military activities.  These are available to provide stable platforms for inspection towers or repair/construction activities; all without causing interferance to the structure above.

These innovations have saved our clients literally hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years.  Every day we provide solutions to your problems with value, safety and efficiancy at the heart of every decision.

That was the subject of the video.  It will be shown at the Awards Dinner at Chester University on the 29th March and hopefully we will bring home an award, if we are a runner up it will still be testament to our performance over 25 yers and will not lessen our commitment to solve your problems. If you’ve not worked with Up and Under before, call us, we’ll surprise you. 

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