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25 Years of Up and Under – Quiz 2

1988 – There was only one correct entry for the 1987 quiz and as it was my wife there was no prize ;o)  So let’s see how we get on with 1988, the year Up and Under started to do interesting stuff! 
Q1. Below is a picture of Andy underneath Battersea Bridge over the Thames in London.  In the Autumn of 1988 the bridge was hit by a barge, what was it carrying? – the barge not the bridge!
Battersea 25 Years of Up and Under   Quiz 2
Q2. Below Andy is seen tapping away at the side of Bishop’s Court in Guildford, our first rope access job.  The brief was to survey the building to detect loose ‘slip bricks’ – what is a slip brick?
BishopsCourt 25 Years of Up and Under   Quiz 2
Q3. This isn’t a case of extreme short sightedness, but part of an inspection of a clock tower in Dartmouth.  Which military service used this clock to get to lectures on time, and why?
Dartmouth+001 25 Years of Up and Under   Quiz 2
There you go hopefully these will be a little easier and we will be able to send out a prize this time, answers submitted by 1st May please.
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