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Safety Update – Falling Again

We’ve mentioned that work at height cannot be defined with a tape measure, it is all about assessing the risk of injury from falling. Well a recent case involving a boatyard on the south coast reinforces that idea.  For those people with old fashioned ideas about 2m or 6ft this case is a reminder that it is the risk not the height that matters. 

It is reported that a worker, repairing a boat, fell from a staging only 1.4m high, with no guard rails, broke his arm badly and was off work for 5 months.  On many sites temporary low level staging can be seen without fall restraint.  Any activity where this type of work is being carried out requires appropriate risk assessment and operative instruction.

The person hurt in the above example was turning round to pick up a tool when they fell. There was also pain for the employer who was fined.

If we can help with any work at height issues please call us on 01270 589615.

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