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Safety Update – Mountain Mayhem

I know it is normal to see a Safety Update on a Monday so I thought I’d add a topical one.  Mountain Mayhem 24 hour mountain bike race is detrimental to your health and could be used as evidence of an unsound mind.

%name Safety Update   Mountain Mayhem
Team Selection

More photos on our Facebook page.

That said, thanks to all who joined in the fun in the three Up and Under teams. 

Some stats for you, we had two riders who were virtual mountain bike virgins, we broke 2 people with two others complaining of ailments this morning, we broke three bikes, one guy who will remain nameless fell in a stream before their lap had started, we ate lots of sausages and rode over 200 miles through the most rediculous muddy conditions.

At the end of it we were tired, wet, muddy…and still smiling.

Our company Mission Statement is ” Make Money, Do Good Stuff With It” this was definitely good stuff ;o)

Look out on this Blog and Facebook for the next event.

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