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25th Anniversary Year Quiz – 1989

Quiz Qestions for 1989

1. What Town did Up and Under move into in 1989, they eventually stayed for 18 months whilst working for Travers Morgan (now Capita Symonds).

1988 9+002 25th Anniversary Year Quiz   1989
Today the these people are quite respecable, two engineers and a doctor
1a. Bonus question for real UU geeks only. Geoff Waller burnt his ankles outside 5 Waterside, our home in the above town, how?
2. In 1989 Andy worked for 3 months in Cheshire County Council’s Offices, the one with the Croquet Lawn, what is it called?
Job4 25th Anniversary Year Quiz   1989
Simon Ballantine in a Cheshire Culvert
 3. This was the era of the client supplied company car, in 18 months Andy did 78,000 miles in three of these, whilst working on a bridge inspection project for the London Office of the DTp, what was the make and model?
1989 25th Anniversary Year Quiz   1989
Lunchtime, we were walking the streets of London, looking for bridges
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