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Community Good Stuff

Andy stepped into the breach today after a last minute call from Cheshire East Parent Carer Support Service. “Could you please bring over your Olympic Torch on Saturday?”  The Cheshire East Parent Carer Support Service & Cheshire’s Disabled Children’s Database were holding a Family Fun Day in Sandbach and were in need of a Torch at short notice.

IMAG0853 Community Good Stuff
The Torch has arrived if you would like to see it – with Cat Radio

 Andy spent about one and a half hours at the event allowing the youngsters and their parents to get their hands on the Torch and get the all important photographs.  As always it worked its magic and was surrounded by smiles. 

IMAG0854 Community Good Stuff
It’s mine ;o)
IMAG0855 Community Good Stuff
Organisers and helpers at the event

In addition to the fund raising and grant giving of the Foundation, this type of commuity involvement forms a significant part of the value that The Up and Under Group brings to society.  By emplying our services you not only get quality services, technical competence and best value; you make this Good Stuff possible. Thanks!

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