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Safety Update – In Support of Inspection

The recent out of court settlement in the Doha Airport dispute highlights the need to inspect complex structures both during and following construction. The Doha case is reported as centering around cracks in end pieces designed to connect supporting cables to the structure. Although the building continued to function, and has since been remediated, the costs to the parties involved are expected to be high.

Doha+failure Safety Update   In Support of Inspection

Historically design, by necessity, was more conservative than that of some of the exciting structures we see being built today. Our greater understanding of material behaviour coupled with our use of complex modelling software has allowed structures to be built with less material, fewer components and to spans and heights not previously possible.

The potential downside is that there is now likely to be less redundancy in these structures and failures of individual components could lead to catastrophic failure. Designers are aware of these issues and design the structures accordingly, but monitoring the condition is an essential part of the whole life maintenance strategy.

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