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Latest Project – Structure Investigation

As you know we are the place to come to when you have a puzzling problem.  And so it was with a recent project.  “We want to know why our parapet posts are swelling” 

There were a list of likely causes suggested including internal gas pressure, fabrication errors or water in the posts.  Our team prepared a plan to safely investigate the issue, including for the risk of drilling into a gas filled vessel.

%name Latest Project   Structure Investigation
Paint thickness measurment on site
The works, undertaken overnight, included air sampling and the use of video recorded borescope examination.
The findings were reported to the client with the likely cause being less exotic than many postulated by others – but then isn’t that often the case.
If you need a structure examined to determine the cause of a defect, as part of an assessment exercise or event to prepare ‘as built’ drawings Contact us 01270 589615
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