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Safety Update - How's Your First Aid Knowledge? - The Up and Under Group

Up and Under Group

Safety Update – How’s Your First Aid Knowledge?

If somebody in your workplace, your sports club, at the supermarket or even at home collapsed in front of you, would you know what to do?

Can you answer these questions?
  • Do you recognise the symptoms of a Heart Attack?
  • Do you recognise the Symptoms of a Stroke?
  • Can you check somebody’s pulse?
  • How do you check if somebody is breathing?

These are all essential skills and a small amount of knowledge could help save someone’s life. If you haven’t had first aid training please consider getting some.

And finally if you are waiting with a patient who’s heart has stopped, do you know where the nearest defibrillator is? There are more and more of these life saving pieces of kit becoming available. For a list of publically available defibrillators (PADs) check out this web site. If your company, shop or sporting club has one that is not listed here see if you can get it registered.

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