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Latest Project Report – Welsh Links

Two interesting projects in Wales this week:

The first is the inspection of an arch bridge, to establish its condition. Arches are can be susceptible to extremes of weather so examinations in spring are useful to detect deterioration caused by frost or heavy rain.

%name Latest Project Report   Welsh Links
Measuring an area of pointing loss

The second project was an inspection for assessment, the principal information required was the thickness of the beam flanges supporting the jack arches which in turn support the deck. In this type of construction the bricks forming the jack arch sit directly on the lower beam flange making a caliper measurement impractical.

%name Latest Project Report   Welsh Links
Measuring the thickness of the beam flange

To get around this problem we use ultra-sonic thickness measurement. This gives us accurate measurement of the remaining flange and has the bonus that with the right equipment it will measure through existing coatings.

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