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Latest Project – Premier League

I am sorry we have missed a couple of project posts because of how busy we have been with work and our charity commitments, but we have a good one for you today.

Up+and+Under+Stoke+City+(9) Latest Project   Premier League
Last chance to see ……

Sponsors love to see their logos prominently displayed on TV.  However, when the deal comes to an end, a location that may be prominent, can also be tricky to get at to remove the signs.

Up+and+Under+Stoke+City+(12) Latest Project   Premier League
Up+and+Under+Stoke+City+(15) Latest Project   Premier League
And remove.

 As you can imagine that is not a problem for our contracting team, so recently we paid a visit to Stoke City‘s ground to remove a few signs.  Our activities were probably the most exciting thing that the Britannia Stadium had seen all season – oops controversial.  

Whatever your team colours I am sure you will appreciate the photos.

Up+and+Under+Stoke+City+(14) Latest Project   Premier League
I think we have a fan in the ranks

Got an access problem, installing or removing give us a call 01270 589615 or email for a quote.

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