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Safety Monday

This morning I was greeted by the sight of  builder backside hanging over the edge of my neighbour’s roof parapet, he was manfully wrestling a window frame from his precarious perch, and ………..I did nothing,

%name Safety Monday
spot the safety provision

Although this attitude might just about be acceptable in private life it is not acceptable in a work environment, where we all have a responsibility to prevent (if possible) and report dangerous behaviour.

%name Safety Monday
Holding on with his backside

I am a little ashamed to report that I am a little tired of approaching people in the street and bringing to their attention the risk they are taking.  Surprisingly, not once have my heart felt pleas received grateful thanks.  The usual answer, to my respectful concern for their safety, ends in “….. off!” so today I just walked past – I hope he is OK!

And following up on the subject of our attitude to health and safety, I read an interesting article in the Guardian this morning, I don’t think I have got that paranoid yet.

And finally we have mentioned a number of public consultations on H&S legislation in the past.  If you are interested in what the next step is follow the link to find the Final Impact Assessment from the “CD243 – Public consultation on proposals to simplify and clarify RIDDOR reporting requirements”

It gives some interesting insights into how decisions are made – that is if you can get through the jargon.

I’m off home now, hopefully there won’t be one of those body shapes from the cop shows on my neighbour’s front lawn.

crime+scene+body+outline+2 Safety Monday
Work safely or you may damage a perfectly good lawn

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