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Latest Project – Getting Ready for Summer

When we say we work all over the UK we mean it!  Today’s project has a bit of summer promise and a hint of showbiz glamour.

%name Latest Project   Getting Ready for Summer
The weather will be better for the holidays

Working with Cormac Solutions, for Cornwall Council, we recently undertook inspections of a range of retaining walls around harbours and beaches.  The council are obviously being proactive in ensuring that we all have safe and enjoyable holidays this summer.

The second part of the project is where the showbiz glamour comes in, no not our team of engineers, attractive as they might be, but the footbridge we were tasked with inspecting was built on Challenge Anneka back in 1991 – for those of a certain age that will bring up memories of helicopters and cat suits, but we better not go there!

%name Latest Project   Getting Ready for Summer
It may have Challenged Anneka…………. ;o)
Using industrial rope access our engineers – and that is what they are, with qualifications and everything – carried out a detailed, hands on inspection of the whole structure, later preparing a report of their findings. And best of all we were able to keep the bridge largely open throughout the works.

%name Latest Project   Getting Ready for Summer

So Cornwall is ready to receive visitors and we have another happy customer – want to join them? Call 01270 58961


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