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So Many Manholes, But What Do They All Do ?

photo+1 So Many Manholes, But What Do They All Do ? 
One of our confined space teams have recently been solving a local client’s puzzle.

Expert Logistics are in the process of expansion requiring further services running beneath their site.

The number and location of manhole covers around the site proved a real headache to the maintenance manager, until he called in the problem solvers. %name So Many Manholes, But What Do They All Do ?

Our team were able to access the chambers and confirm suitable ducts for running additional services.

The nature of the access chambers required a safe system of work utilising confined space skills.

The alterative solution would have resulted in large excavations and disruption to a busy site.

Call us on 01270 589615 if you have a similar headache and want a professional low impact solution.

Problem Solved! 


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