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Assessing Risks – "..they can never be eliminated."

It was refreshing to read Judith Hackitt’s (Chair of HSE) Blog ,when talking about the offshore industry’s response to the recent helicopter tragedy.  

She commented: “There is a maturity of understanding which is shared by everyone that risks can be managed, but they can never be eliminated.”

I would like to believe that there is a similar attitude demonstrated in the best companies in the construction industry.  It is always interesting to note that the more hazardous an activity, the lower the relative number of accidents seems to be.

From my many years of climbing and mountaineering I can easily understand this.  You develop an internal sense that increases your level of attention as the number, and severity, of hazards increase.  What you are doing is assessing risks, constantly then responding.  THe effectiveness of the response is determined by training and experience. Even the best can get it wrong and suffer the consequences.

The formal written risk assessment does many things, a couple of the most useful being to share knowledge and communicate to all members of a team.  Often they are seen as a record for backside covering, but this is looking at the process from the wrong end.

Today I am back in real world after a brief excursion into the mountains, I won’t forget that “…hazards never go away” (Judith Hackitt’s Blog).

If we can assist you with preparing risk assessment or providing risk assessment training feel free to contact us on 01270 589615

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