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Friday Fun – Ladies Night

As you might imaging when the ladies at Up and Under plan a night out it isn’t normal.  So it was this week when a group of staff and friends visited the local climbing wall.

%name Friday Fun   Ladies Night
Getting started – everyone off the ground

The night, supported by the Group,  started off with a little traversing and then got more serious as the newly initiated climbers began their assault on the wall’s various problems.  This wall isn’t at all easy being either vertical or overhanging. 

As the evening progressed everyone got higher and higher, coming to grips with the unfamiliar skills.  On top of the climbing the ladies had to be introduced to the intricacies of harnesses, ropes and belaying techniques.


%name Friday Fun   Ladies Night
Lorna and Sue
%name Friday Fun   Ladies Night
Emma at the big red button
%name Friday Fun   Ladies Night
Kaye crossing a red line
%name Friday Fun   Ladies Night
Sue about to reach the top

I believe Sue was the star of the night, not just for her ascents to the top of the wall, but for not breaking a single finger nail ;o)  From the comments I have heard it looks as though this might not be a one off.

Thanks to Lorna for organising the evening.

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