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Latest Project – Busman’s Holiday

You no doubt imagine that many of our team don’t have a sedentary life outside work.  Enthusiastic climbers often finding there way onto the local climbing wall when the weather puts the crags off limits.

%name Latest Project   Busmans Holiday
Positioning the tensile test apparatus

So today’s project report finds one of our teams undertaking a professional study of an artificial climbing structure.  We all give holds a bit of a tug or tap before hanging on them, but here we are ensuring that the underlying fixings are secure.

%name Latest Project   Busmans Holiday
Testing selected fixings

The project involved testing selected fixing points, on an established wall, to ensure that they still meet the requirements of BS EN 17572 .

Although not a normal part of routine climbing wall maintenance, this process gives operators confidence in the integrity of their facility.

We offer a range of services to climbing wall and other high level activity providers including anchor testing, harness & equipment inspection plus remodeling and repairs.  Need help? Call 01270 589615

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