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Safety Update – What to do about training?

Common questions we are asked at the training arm of the Up and Under Group, Entrainment:

  • What training should we give our staff
  • When should we do it?
  • And of course, how much will it cost?

The HSE suggest a structured approach to deciding upon training needs which can also be applied to other types of training. All of this information is explained in their five-step approach:

  • Decide what training your organisation needs
  • Decide your training priorities
  • Choose your training methods and resources
  • Deliver the training
  • Check that the training has worked

All of this sounds simple, but then most of the best ideas are. for the HSE guide to training INDG 345 go here.

If you need training provision or help with any of the 5 steps above call us on 01270 589615

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