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Project Update – Underneath the (Railway) Arches

Although the public and media are most aware of the prestige, high profile structures it is the simple less obvious ones that make up the bulk of our national infrastructure.  Inspecting and maintaining small bridges is a year round task undertaken by a group of unsung heroes.

UU4106 1 663x497 Project Update   Underneath the (Railway) Arches Deep water dealt with confidently

The brief for this rail structure was to undertake a detailed visual inspection, obviously it required extensive planning and highly trained operatives to execute the works.  We carried out an inspection of this structure in 2011 when the water was more than 1m lower.

UU4106 663x497 Project Update   Underneath the (Railway) Arches Keeping the inspection and safety kit dry UU4106 2 663x497 Project Update   Underneath the (Railway) Arches Taking accurate measurements in tough conditions

Contact up if you need confined space inspections, testing or maintenance.  We also offer safety escort and rescue teams for confined space or work at height.




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