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If you go down to the woods….

……. you might learn something.  Certainly that was the experience for 22 youngsters from The Cheshire Young Carers when they visited Delamere Forest on a trip funded by the Up and Under Foundation.  Arriving in the morning they were given instruction in how to build a cozy woodland shelter.  After a picnic lunch they ventured into the forest with a knowledgeable guide to look for home of rabbits, squirrels and badgers.  Of course at some point they managed to find a stream to jump into and much merriment was had.

WP 20150724 005 663x373 If you go down to the woods.... Getting instruction

At the end of the day, having said their farewells to the Centre and Foundation staff everyone got onto the bus, and probably a crafty snooze.

WP 20150724 009 663x373 If you go down to the woods.... Teamwork

Another great day. The Up and Under Foundation has grants available to support young people, check out www.upandunderfoundation.org

IMG 2814 663x497 If you go down to the woods....

We have supported the Cheshire Young Carers for a number of years now. For details of the work they undertake look here

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