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Foundation Rides 2020

Entries for this June month-long challenge event are now open and this year your challenge can be based on any sort of bike: conventional, mountain, electric, uni, tri and even motorcycle. To enter go to: https://foundationrides2020.eventbrite.co.uk

Entry is free, but everyone who raises or donates at least £30 will qualify for a Foundation Rides medal.

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Foundation Rides Return

June 2019 will see the return of the ever popular Foundation Rides with a month-long challenge event.

Further details can be found by following the link.

Foundation Rides 2019

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High Rise Inspection Services

We know that owners and managers of tower blocks are under pressure and public scrutiny. At such times it makes sense to use a professional and well respected company to carry out high rise inspection works.

slides 021 High Rise Inspection Services Andy in Guildford in 1988

In 1988 we completed our first high rise building inspection.  It’s nearly 30 years since we completed a slip brick survey on the two blocks in Guildford.  Since then we have carried out thousands of safe rope access drops on hundreds of buildings. Our clients trust us to plan and execute a range of tasks safely, efficiently and with minimal inconvenience to building users.

DSCF2909 497x663 High Rise Inspection Services Inspection of tower block cladding panels IMG 7203 2 663x497 High Rise Inspection Services Tower block cladding inspection IMG 4816 663x497 High Rise Inspection Services Installing pigeon netting

If you need inspection, testing or sampling undertaking we will be happy to discuss you project call 01270 589615

For panel or insulation removal our Specialist Contract team are at your disposal. Call Jayne or Steve on 02270 589615.

We work throughout the uk and in selected overseas markets.

In addition to high rise building inspection we also offer a range of conventional building inspection services, bridge inspections and surveys plus every type of structure from masts to statues.

Our maintenance facilities encompass a whole range of infrastructure maintenance where access is a significant consideration.

DSCF2714 663x497 High Rise Inspection Services Safety inspection removing dangerous materials
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Transportation Consultants Directory 2017

The CIHT Transportation Consultants Directory 2017 has just dropped on doorsteps around the country and we are happy to report that as a result of a lot of hard work and commitment The Up and Under Group has move up the table once more. More people than ever used our services in the past year.

In Rail we have moved up 5 places, we have gone up 5 places on the list ranked by total staff numbers, 12 places in overall turnover and 13 places, and into the to 50, on the list ranked by transportation turnover.

CIHT Transportation Consultants Directory 2017 a Transportation Consultants Directory 2017 Transportation Consultants Directory 2017

Another great result, thanks for all who have supported this great achievement.

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Project complete

We recently completed a project under very demanding circumstances.  Each time the client made a request we said “yes we can”, every time we said “yes” our team delivered.  Completing these works took professionalism and commitment from all involved and included not only our team, but also supply chain partners.

It is rare I use the word, but I am happy to say here that I am proud of the way we conducted ourselves on this project, and happy that it reflects how we always perform.

Our clients, it seems were also impressed:

“You and your teams were with me and my team from day one, and the work you have done really has made a difference.”

“The support, professionalism and quality of the work you have done has really made a difference, and importantly it has all been done safely and controlled.”

“Your staff were a credit to your company and you should all be proud of what they have delivered for us.”

The Up and Under Group – It’s what we do.

Andy Fewtrell

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5 star rail supplier

During our recent RISQS audit we were assessed once more as a 5 star rail supplier.  The audit, which is spread over two days looks at a range of performance criteria including safety and compliance with a range of rail specific standards.  This is the third time we have been awarded 5 star status. It represents the effort and dedication of a special team at the Up and Under Group.

Work currently being undertaken ranges from inspection and investigation of stations, track side buildings and other structures, development of digital recording and reporting systems and we anticipate our contracting division commencing vegetation clearance works of both structures and cuttings in the near future to facilitate inspection work.

This audit success follows closely on the news that we have once again passed our 9001 and 18001 audits.


The RISQS auditors commented that moving on from our 5 star rating in 2016 that:

The company has rationalised the accident and incident reporting process as well as the process for raising concerns and nonconforming elements associated with the management system and processes. The consolidated process was now contained within the Business Improvements initiative and involved the workforce and is discussed monthly at management meetings.

 (As a side line they mentioned that “Dave manages the stores very well and Sue makes a fantastic cup of tea!”)

How’s that for an end to end service.

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Audit Success

We have once more impressed the auditors at our annual 9001 and 18001 audits.
Comments from the SGS audit for ISO 9001:2008 and BS 18001:2007:
“The organisation continues to successfully support its commitment to the ISO standards.”
“Systems are mature and sophistication of its process is maintained.”
“Clients continue to provide good feedback with regard to the work undertaken.”
Commitment to safely delivered quality is at the heart of our engineering problem solving service.  Without commitment at all levels we would not be able to deliver this audit success annually.
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Wall Tie Surveys

Do you need a wall tie survey? Do you know what problems result from deteriorated wall ties?

What is a wall tie?

Sometimes called ‘brick-ties’ wall ties are used to connect the two skins (brick-brick, brick-block, concrete-brick) of a wall across the cavity. They are typically made of metal (steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel) or occasionally a composite or plastic material.

Wall tie survey Wall Tie Surveys Borescope inspection of cavity

What do they do?

Simply, they tie the two skins of a cavity wall together, allowing them to work together providing greater strength and stability.

If they fail?

If existing brick ties fail, or if there are insuficient numbers, the wall is less strong than it otherwise would be and could fail. Failure could take a number of forms including bulging, cracking, loss of the outer skin or total collapse.

Buildings constructed from the 1920s onwards are likely to have a cavity in the walls. Joining these cavities should be brick ties. Building regulations and other standards (EC6, EN845, PD6697 and BS5268) have dictated the specification of, length and density of the brick ties (number/square metre) for use in a variety of buildings.

Request a quotation for a wall tie survey – call 01270 589615

Many older buildings suffer from corrosion of brick ties leading to deterioration of a the building. Newer buildings showing signs of wall failure exhibit the effects of too few ties being used during construction.

If you think you need a wall tie survey please contact us. Initial surveys are non-intrusive, more extensive surveyss will require holes to be drilled for borescope investigation. We are also able to offer surveys on high rise buildings using rope access techniques. This reduces distrurbance to building residents.

We also offer a wall tie replacement service. We utilise a range of products that ensure that we can satisfy the needs of your building.

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30 Today

So, 30 years ago today something special was born. Happy Birthday Up and Under. The success we have had over the years would not have been possible without the input, dedication and assistance of many people. Thank you for helping to make this possible. We look forward to making a difference with you all in the future.

Whether you need inspections, surveys, testing or repairs we are happy to roll up our sleeves and work with you to get optimum results. Lets make the next 30 even better.

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Christmas Wishes

We’d like to wish all of our customers, friends and suppliers a lovely time over the Christmas period and a fulfilling 2017. Thanks especially go to the great team at Up and Under who have delivered some great projects over the past year. 2017 sees us reaching our 30th birthday so it should be exciting . All the best

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