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The Up and Under Group - MEWP, Tower Scaffold, 4x4 Vehicles

Up and Under Group

Conventional Access

At the Up and Under Group we are well known for our difficult and specialist access capability. However, we apply the same rigorous standards to both the safety and quality of our works where we use more conventional access methods.

Within our team we have engineers, technicians, surveyors and trades people trained in the following access fields:

Picture 019 320x240 Conventional Access

  • Tower scaffolds;
  • MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, cherry pickers);
  • Small boats;
  • 4×4 vehicle.

We can offer our full range of award winning Consultancy and Contracting services.  So if you are happy with what we do on a rope or in a hole you can also get us to do something ordinary but, this being Up and Under, we will try to go well beyond the ordinary.