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Rope Access

Gaining access by using ropes is far from new. The Egyptians were making rope from water reed fibres as early as 400BC, and the pyramids are pretty high.  The sailors of Nelson’s Navy brought their skills onshore to construct some of our landmark buildings. Rope Access, as we understand it, was given the credibility of a British Standard (BS) as late as 2002 (BS7985:2013 Code Of Practice For The Use Of Rope Access Methods For Industrial Purposes).

PA142705 240x320 Rope AccessThis standard gives guidance on a range of aspects including selection of equipment, suitability of personnel, training requirements and equipment traceability. However, most importantly for you as a client, it says nothing about the work to be done whilst hanging from a rope. So it is useful, but our advice to you, as a prospective client, is to assess the capabilities of the rope access provider carefully to determine whether they meet your needs.

At the Up and Under Group we have decades of experience in meeting clients project needs. All our work is backed by ISO 9001 (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), RISQS (Network Rail pre-qualification) and Investors in People (Commitment to Staff Development) standards.

So what can we offer you? The list is a long one with some bizarre entries, such as getting people into gorges in Central Africa, designing access systems for weird and wonderful structures and inspecting landmark structures throughout the UK and overseas. A fuller list includes:

  • Building inspections and maintenance;
  • Bridge inspections and maintenance;
  • Airport structure works;
  • Masts and towers, inspection, repairs, installation and additions;
  • Fall arrest installations and testing;
  • MOD structure works;
  • Media safety work;
  • Cliff and slope stability works;
  • Cleaning and coating;
  • Leisure centre safety and maintenance operations; and
  • Investigation of shafts and tunnels.

For specific projects see:24th august 2006 8 240x320 Rope Access

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If you think we can help – call us. It may seem an unusual or frightening project, this is normal for our team, let us help you reach a safe and successful conclusion.