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In, on, over, around or below.  Water provides a significant obstacle for many projects and there is a lot of it.  We can provide you with innovative, cost effective solutions to works around, rivers, canals, lakes and coastal structures.

Our Confined Spaces teams are used to dealing with partially flooded structures and are able to remove water from structures for cleaning or inspection if required.

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We provide innovative solutions to undertaking inspections or maintenance where water gets in the way.

Whether you need:

  • boats;
  • people in the water;
  • platforms floating on the water; or
  • people under water

give us a call.

Obviously Rope Access is a safe, rapidly deployable system, ideally suited to work on structures over water, minimising the need to enter sensitive environments. We are used to working with the Environment Agency and other responsible bodies to establish effective ways of completing projects.WP 000132 320x240 Water

Scour is a serious threat to bridge piers, wingwalls and abutments situated in or close to water.  Call us about any aspect of management of your threat assessment and management programme.

If you need diving works we are able to source appropriately skilled individuals and project manage all aspects of the works.