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Friday Fun – digging yourself out of a hole

This was recently posted on a the climbing web site Climb Tafraout What do you do when your digger falls … Read more

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Friday Fun – Engineering Quotes

Today we thought we’d have some fun with quotes “To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, … Read more

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Friday Fun – Oh please, yes!

It is sad that some of these ideas are never adopted, this appeals on so many levels.   If you … Read more

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Friday Fun – Ladies Night

As you might imaging when the ladies at Up and Under plan a night out it isn’t normal.  So it … Read more

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Safety can be sensible

So safe people, how about this sign?  Sometimes things can get a little too complicated isn’t it nice when somebody … Read more

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Friday Fun – How not to do rope access

We hope that our safe and efficient approach to building inspection and maintenance is well known enough that we don’t … Read more

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Friday Fun – Building Bridges

Thanks to Cemex for this one. If only it was that simple. Everyone knows you should have wheel chocks to … Read more

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Friday Fun

Just to prove we don’t have all the fun, this photo recently appeared on Facebook. Epic!

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Friday Fun – Messing with the Boss

Does Andy ever get out on the ropes?  We have heard this question many times and today we present the … Read more

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What we do in our spare time

Continuing the loose series of articles about what Up and Under team members do on their day off, I thought … Read more

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