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Knowing the extent and condition of your assets is fundamental to good management.  Let us work with you to acquire and manage this information.

P5031407 320x240 InspectionsOur key services include:

  • Highway principal inspections;
  • Highway general inspections;
  • Railway detailed visual examinations;
  • Special inspections;
  • Building surveys;
  • Bridge Inspections;
  • Scour surveys and inspections;
  • Resilience inspections;
  • Security related surveys and inspections
    (including intruder resistance testing);
  • Asset audits.

All of these services can be combined with our: Surveying, Testing and Investigation services

Established in 1987 we are known for providing high quality inspection services. Today we carry out more than 1000 inspections per year on a wide range of structures, ranging from major national landmarks to small culverts on minor roads. Each receives the same detailed attention by our experienced inspectors and you receive a high quality inspection report tuned to your needs.

DSC 0449smudge 212x320 Inspections

By employing experienced engineers, skilled in specialist access techniques, including rope access, confined space access and pontoon access, we are able to carry out works in potentially hazardous locations efficiently, safely and professionally.

We operate a partnership with a number of significant structure owning bodies and management agencies in rail, highway, manufacturing, airports and marine installations where we provide a service that runs from establishing the needs to finalising the reports.

We work both in the UK and Overseas (having experience in Africa, the Far and Middle East).

If you have a single structure to inspect or you need help establishing an asset management system for hundreds, contact us for the most comprehensive inspection package available. Your satisfaction is our guarantee of future success – together!

Some of our completed projects include;

  • Principal inspections for Highways Agency contracts covering multiple areas and bridge stocks in excess of 2500 structures;
  • Scour inspections for highways structures to risk assess the potential for the effect of hydraulic action;
  • Inspection of 16 highway bridges over the tidal Thames in Central London;
  • Inspection and investigation of Lovell Telescope, Jodrell Bank;
  • Safety inspections of high rise buildings following evidence of loose slip bricks;
  • Dimensional survey and visual inspection of pipe bridges;
  • Inspection for assessment of steel access bridges;
  • Network resilience inspection for over 1500 structures;
  • Inspection of Stone loading Jetty, N Wales; and
  • Confined space training and inspection of Decked Nullahs, Hong Kong