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Nobody ever spends enough on surveys, you need to know where things are, accurately, for safe and cost effective construction projects.

Up and Under offer you the ability to obtain essential detailed information in all those difficult to access locations, underground and on steep vegetated slopes. Areas covered include Building, Bridge, Telecoms and Land Surveying.
P1010147 Surveys
Key services include:

  • Accurate topographical surveys both underground and in the fresh air;
  • Survey measurements taken on tall buildings, crags and steep slopes;
  • Dimensional checks above, below and at ground level;
  • Monitoring utilizing;
    • Direct reading gauges
    • Remote measurement
    • Via telemetry attached to in-situ measuring equipment
  • CCTV surveys;
  • Buried service location;
  • Preparation of as built drawings of existing structures;
  • All works carried out using modern instruments with results being available in film, paper and all common digital formats, including directly to your desk.

If you are interested in Condition surveys please see our inspections page.

At Up and Under we love to solve peoples’ surveying problems, with a minimum of fuss. Works are carried out by qualified surveyors who are also trained in the application of roped access, confined spaces and other specialist access working techniques.  Highly skilled support staff complement the team to facilitate efficient, accurate working.

Our clients include Quarry Owners, Gas and Petroleum Industry, Landfill Site Operators, Local Authorities, Developers, Conservationists, Ecologists, Supply Chain Contractors, Surveyors and Engineering Consultants

Completed projects include:

  • P1090003 663x497 SurveysSurveys of radio masts to determine plumb and section sizes, production of as built drawings;
  • Underground topographical surveys of abandoned mine workings, industrial basements, air-raid shelters and culverted water courses;
  • Bridge arch profile measurement for assessment and repairs;
  • Laser profiling of tunnels;
  • Beach safety surveys and rock fall prediction analysis;
  • Preparation of as built drawings for one of only three remaining authentic UK transporter bridges.