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Material Testing

Sometimes you need to look deeper. To get a comprehensive picture of your structure’s condition combine inspection with material testing to determine actual strengths, durability and future threats.

Ferroscan01 320x240 Material Testing

All works are carried out in accordance with approved testing standards and technical guidance procedures ensuring technical compliance so that credible conclusions can be reached.

Effective testing regimes need to be designed to match requirements.  We are highly experienced in working with clients to get worthwhile outcomes, not just to tick boxes.

Key services include:

  • Half cell mapping, silver or copper anodes;
  • Cover meter survey;
  • Determination of re-bar size and spacing including FerroscanTM;
  • Determination of chloride ion content;
  • Carbonation testing;
  • Pull-off tests;
  • Core removal for compressive strength or petrographic analysis;
  • Schmidt hammer tests;
  • Tendon examination/exposure;
  • Endoscope examinations of panel fixings;
  • In-situ testing of anchor bolts;
  • Ferroscan TM;
  • Paint thickness;
  • Ultrasonics;
  • Tensile testing;
  • Paint testing, in situ and lab testing including type analysis;
  • BA35/90;
  • Monitoring;
  • Soil/rock sampling.

A full interpretation of results service is also available.

DSC 0533 320x212 Material TestingAnd don’t forget we don’t start subbing out the work when the access gets a little difficult.

Standing on solid ground or special access methods (Rope Access, Confined Spaces or other access methods) we will get the job done.

We have carried out work for Highways Agency, Network Rail, Local Government, Housing Clients, Consulting Engineers, Architects and Industrial Clients.

All laboratory work is carried out under UKAS accreditation, where applicable.

Completed projects include:

  • Detailed testing of a 132 span structure in the Middle East, full interpretation and reporting; included checking the operation of Cathodic protection systems in situ;
  • Concrete testing on high rise buildings, including cover survey and carbonation testing;
  • Defect surveys/measurement of defects prior to repair works;
  • FerroscanTM surveys of water retaining structures;
  • Acoustic monitoring of bridge decks;
  • Monitoring/supervision of repair works;
  • Paint thickness and type analysis on historic structures;
  • Steel sampling on historical and iconic structures such as the Lovell Telescope, Jodrell Bank.