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Structural Investigation

28.07.10 066 240x320 Structural Investigation

Sometimes to get the answers you need you just have to dig deeper.

Whether it is simply to determine the size of reinforcement bars in a deck for a bridge assessment or a detailed structural investigation to enable a safe demolition, we can help.

We will bring decades of structural experience to bear with a host of ideas for discovering the data you require.

Combine a “can do, will do” attitude with extensive technical knowledge and there can be only one outcome; success.

Let us collect and analyse the data you need, our key services include:

  • Borescope investigation;River Ouse 1 320x240 Structural Investigation
  • Trial pits;
  • Monitoring;
  • Acoustics;
  • Post tensioned structures;
  • Ground probing radar;
  • Fixing removal and analysis;
  • Slip brick investigation;
  • Mosaic tile survey;
  • Cladding investigation;
  • Wall tie investigation;
  • Dimensional checks;
  • Leak detection from high rise to historic structures.

Access is not an issue, you know we have it covered with tower scaffolds, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS), rope access, confined spaces, underground video, electronic location and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).  Call us now so that you can get your answers more quickly.

Completed projects include:

  • Corrugated Steel Buried Structure (CSBS) assessments on flooded and partly flood structures;
  • Substandard and defective parapet investigation on highway structures;
  • Field work and analysis for masonry arch assessments;
  • Identifying and assessing fixings for building cladding panels;
  • Bridge half joint investigation utilising borescope;
  • Sheet pile thickness surveys;
  • ‘Listening for cracks’ in live bridge decks.

If you have a project that has been at the bottom of your in tray for a while, with no idea how to do it, call us and discuss it. We love a challenge and have awards to prove that we are up to it too!