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Reversing Assistant

Part of our Vehicle Safety Programme

Title Reversing Assistant – Banksman
Content The course is aimed at people operating vehicles where reversing or restricted manoeuvring may be necessary. The course involves classroom and practical components. All persons attending should have appropriate PPE.Key Course Aims:•To give crews the competencies required to reverse/manoeuvre vehicles as a team.
•to ensure that reversing operations of vehicles are carried out in the safest possible manner.
•to reduce the risk of injury to the crew and members of the public.
•to reduce vehicle and property damage caused by reversing operations.
Duration 1/2 Day including practical exercises
Location Entrainment Training Centre or at your premise
Cost Please contact us for prices
Outcome At the end of the course the the candidate should:Know and understand the roles of the Vehicle Driver and the Reversing Assistant within reversing operations.
Understand the key issues arising out of reversing & manoeuvring
Be able to identify areas of danger for reversing vehicles
Demonstrate recommended code of signals and reversing procedure.