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Meet The Trustees

ANDY FEWTRELL (Founder)Andy F Meet The Trustees
I was fortunate to grow up in a supportive loving family of modest means in the rough end of a working class town. The life experience of my peers was pretty narrow and I was fortunate in encountering people who wanted to expose me to new exciting experiences (scout leaders, teachers, etc) and having parents who encouraged me to take up these opportunities. But money was always an issue and there were times when it was a limiting factor, despite mum and dad’s sacrifices. Due to the success I have had in business I am now in a position to help broaden the experience of today’s youngsters, particularly when the barrier is financial. I believe that adventure strengthens both the body and the mind, that these experiences make us better people in employment, relationships and in the face of all life’s challenges. My life was changed immeasurably by my exposure to the mountains and other wild places, I hope that we will be able to have a similar effect on youngsters today with all of the associated benefits. When not directing the Up and Under Group, I fill my time with playing guitar, cycling, climbing, rallying, jumping out of planes and making jam.

SIMON ENDERBYSimon Enderby 150x150 Meet The Trustees
I have worked for the Up and Under Group for over 19 years, starting as a project manager and developing into my current position as Managing Director to the Group. In my leisure time I enjoy all manner of sports but focus on activities that get me out into the great outdoors. Part of this love for the outdoors came from being involved in the Scouting movement from a very young age, where I was exposed to many experiences that I have recalled and developed on throughout my career. I believe that outdoor experiences and clubs like the Scouting movement provide life skills and a great base for young people to develop from. Allowing them to explore and push the limits of modern day living to gain and develop life skills that will help carry them through the rest of their life.

Chris Bromiley Meet The TrusteesCHRIS BROMILEY
I’ve worked in the advertising, marketing and financial advice sector for over thirty years and during this time I have witnessed many changes within industry and society. In many ways we might seem wealthier but at the same time we are probably a lot more time pressured and fearful of how to maintain what we have. This, I believe, can lead to society becoming fragmented. Therefore my involvement in the Foundation allows me to put back a little of my good fortune, to try and help others and provide a much needed balanced perspective on life. When I’m not helping my clients with their finances, I’m an active Dad and family man with a love of sport. When I’m not with my family I’m usually at my second home – Bolton Wanderers. Some may think they’re beyond help but being there to will them on pretty much sums up my values of sticking with your principles through thick and thin. You can take the boy out of Bolton…

LORNA FEWTRELLLorna Fewtrell 181x320 Meet The Trustees
As a Lincolnshire lass, growing up in the flatlands, I didn’t know what I was missing until I went on an activity holiday to Shropshire. While most people wouldn’t describe Shropshire as mountainous, the Stipperstones were certainly enough to open my eyes and I have been hooked ever since. It sounds dramatic to say that those holidays changed my life, but I really think they did; giving me a love of the outdoors, especially the hills, and a set of skills that is invaluable. I think all kids should have the opportunity to experience some form of adventure and it was this belief that prompted me to become a trustee of the Foundation. I have taken on an administrative role and I am looking forward to being able to help even more youngsters get a taste of adventure and all that goes with it.

LizPainter 272x320 Meet The Trustees

I went to secondary school in West Sussex and was lucky enough to have a great Youth Worker who taught me how to use a map and compass, wild camp and get the most fun out of being outdoors. Getting these opportunities when you are young can help to inspire and lead to adventures far beyond what we normally come across in our day-to-day lives. Continuing with my love of the great outdoors, I am a member of a running club and I enjoy being out in the hills with my map, using skills I was taught 30 years ago. As a science teacher in a local secondary school, I am also passionate about the education that young people receive. My main area of interest is in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) and I do all that I can to encourage young people to develop their own ideas and aim for success.