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Latest Project – M5 Motorway Inspections

Being access specialists doesn’t mean we always go for the most exciting means of carrying out an inspection.

1 Latest Project   M5 Motorway Inspections

On the contrary we select the most appropriate means of access, giving the client the best value solution.  Recently while conducting a hammer tap and visual surveys of the 4 side spans of 2 I/C bridges on the M5 we emplyed the most appropriate means  which was

M5+Inspection Latest Project   M5 Motorway Inspections
Scaffold Tower

Oh yes and we needed some

M5+rope+access Latest Project   M5 Motorway Inspections
Rope Access

This bridge is interesting in that it has been strengthened using bonded steel plates; these were also included in the inspection.

We chose rope access to undertake the inspection of the soffit above the revetment, while tower scaffolding was selected, for its efficiency, in the areas of the soffit between the bottom of the revetment and the pier.  Having a multi skilled team of inspection engineers made this switch between techniques practical and efficient.

The works were completed by Kev, Darren, Rob and Stuart to te satisfaction of all concerned.

For complete solutions, rope access, confined space, conventional or access over water, contact us 01270 589615 

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