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Health and Safety Made Easy – Part 1

When you break it down health and safety is pretty simple, a lot of it is common sense and much of the rest requires the understanding of some easy principles.  In this three part series I will be drawing on the HSEs ABCs  the first part concentrates on simplifying the whole thing.

So what are the basics?  Well, they include writing a H&S policy, looking at how you manage risks in your business, consulting with your employees, providing the correct working environment, establishing adequate insurances, developing systems for dealing with first aid, accidents and illness and keeping up to date.

Do you do all of this yourself or do you need advice from a specialist? do you our your team need training.  One decision we took was for all of our senior team to have completed the IOSH General Certificate course in H&S as a minimum.  This gives us all a deep understanding of the principles and legislation associated with managing a company safely.

Obviously if you are involved in higher risk activities you will require additional training, knowledge and procedures.  But get the basics right and you will have a sound foundation.  As H&S is the responsibility of all of us look around and see whether the basics are being covered, if not we need to speak up and get them right.

For more information see here

If you need specific advice or training contact us here. Every Monday we try to keep you up to date with the latest safety news and legislation.

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