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Health and safety Made Easy – Part 2

When you break it down health and safety is pretty simple, a lot of it is common sense and much of the rest requires the understanding of some easy principles.  In part two of this three part series I will be drawing on the HSEs ABCs this part concentrates on pointing out the toolbox that is freely available to cover a range of common issues.

Before you go off paying consultants large sums for basic, common sense, advice check out the information provided by the HSE.  It is usually well written and easy to understand.  the H&S toolbox includes a range of subjects including manual handling, hazardous substances, PPE, work at height, confined spaces, fire safety, noise and even radiation.

For example the section on Noise includes sections covering:

  • Do I have a noise problem?
  • How can I control noise?
  • When should personal hearing protection be used?

The other sections carry similarly useful information and also give further links to helpful web pages and show details of H&S law.

For more information see here

If you need specific advice or training contact us here. Every Monday we try to keep you up to date with the latest safety news and legislation.

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