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Highways Agency Area 10 – Reflections on 5 years of good stuff

This weekend will see the end of AOne+’s stewardship of Highways Agency Area 10. During this time we have had the pleasure of working with a great team based in Warrington.

We have looked back over the past five years of helping to manage this vitally important component in the country’s infrastructure and have come up with a few highlights. Our contribution to keeping the Trunk Roads of the North West in good order have included: 

  • More than 2,500 General Bridge Inspections
  • Over 1,500 Principal Inspections
  • Inputting over 4,500 inspection reports into SMIS
  • Checking and updating inventories of ~50 Pre-opening and end of defect liability inspections
  • Assessing 215 structures for susceptibility to scour
  • Carrying out more than 350 inspections following heavy rainfall/flood events
  • Undertaking numerous special and monitoring inspections
  • Monitoring the piers, half-joints and internal sections of Bidston Viaduct on a quarterly basis prior to completion of the strengthening works between 2007 -2010
  • Assessing thousands of structures to determine their resilience against terrorism
  • Monitoring bearings on Thelwall Viaduct and other structures
  • Installing (pier location ) reference labelling to help the emergency services
  • Helping to maintain the highway lighting
  • Installing security measures to reduce the threat of vandalism and terrorism
  • Removing graffiti, clearing trash screens, plus clearing and greasing flap valves
  • Cleaning and greasing bearings on rail structures
  • Determining traffic management, access and rail access requirements plus liaising with specialist suppliers
  • In the past year alone, cleaning and removing ~10 tonnes of pigeon droppings from structures, plus installing kilometres of pigeon spikes
  • Maintaining and checking AOne+ work at height safety equipment (harnesses and lanyards)
  • Solving access problems involving rope access and confined spaces working, work over and alongside deep water, the use of boats and pontoons and reacting to the joys of the british weather. 

 This has been a mammoth effort by our team, frequently working through the night, in all weathers, solving problems as they arose and innovating to meet the clients, the HA’s and the public’s needs for efficiency and safety.

None of this could have been achieved without the spirit of cooperation between ourselves and the AOne+ team. We would like to thank them all for embracing our ‘get it done’ approach.

It remains only to say thank you to all of our team members who have contributed so much over the past five years to the success of this project and to wish all those moving on to the next contract from AOne+ all the best for the future.

Our skill, enthusiasm and experience is available to all Highways Area Trunk Road managers. Contact us 01270 589615 ask for Miles.

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