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Safety Update – Pigeon Poo

Yes, today we thought we’d take the tone right down and talk cr*p.

Pigeon droppings cause unsightly mess, damage to building materials and carry a range of difficult to spell diseases.

Five pigeon poo facts:

  1. Assuming a 5 year lifespan (for feral pigeons, lofted ones can live for 30) a typical pigeon produces approximately 37kg of poo in its life, that’s quite a pile.
  2. Pigeon chicks (or Squabs as they are more correctly known) have to be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation centre – by law – if they are removed from their nest.
  3. The following diseases can be contracted from the droppings:
  1. Histoplasmosis,
  2. Cryptococcosis,
  3. Psittacosis
  • A breeding pair of pigeons can lay and rear two eggs up to 8 times per year.
  • Historically the droppings were prized as fertilizer, with guards being posted at the entrances to coops. In the 16th centuary Saltpeter for the manufacture of gunpowder was derived from it – topical link.
  • With all that stacked against you – literally in some cases – you may need some help.  Our contracts team are experienced in the removal of the droppings and the installation of control measures including spikes and netting.

    Do you have a cr ppy job that needs dealing with? Info:
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